Mission Statement

Rug & Kilim seeks to be the most creative, forward-thinking brand  in haute rug design.  We are driven to provide the design community with the most innovative collection of decorative rugs, selected and created in colloboration, and provided with seamless service. 

Who We Are

Exclusive.  Artful.  Unapologetically original.  

Our Values: 

  • Rarity, Originality, Inventiveness 

Passionate about the rare and the original, Rug & Kilim takes an inventive approach to developing collections that provide you with the most interesting design options, from elegant antique Persian Kerman rugs*  to casual chic Flat Weaves.  With over 30 years of experience, we have the knowledge to bring you the most stunning selections.  

  • Artisanship 

Our dedication to artisanship is absolute.  We select how the warp and weft will be woven for each design, what yarns and textures will be chosen, and what variation from the expected we will make.  The relationship with each work is intimate.  With personal pride, we create a final product that outshines the sample that suggested it.  

  • Exclusive Partnerships

We are who we are because of who we partner with  --  top international interior designers, architects, artisans, workshops, developers, manufacturers, suppliers and collectors.  We build long-standing relationships with like-minded partners.  

We work with you to refine your design vision to perfection, select or produce it, and provide service beyond the moment of sale.  

We want you to leave inspired and in love.  

Your visit to be the beginning, not the end.  

Your experience a confection of design delight, and satisfaction.