In the 1980’s, Americans were in love with the wall-to-wall carpet, typically in primary colors such as reds and blues.  The market for decorative area rugs, whether antique or contemporary, was lead by European tastes.

This was the design environment in which Josh, and his brother Jason, Nazmiyal opened a showroom in Short Hills, NJ, with a selection of Persian rugs and Kilims.  With a passion for the handmade artisan designs, Josh began to talk to the design community and raise awareness of the rich colors, yarns and weaves of area rugs, and the powerful decorative role they can play.

Josh, with a driving creative streak, began working with producers and manufacturers to create inventive contemporary rug designs for the U.S. market. His innovations helped to modernize the U.S. market, which now sets direction for the European market.

After 10 years of producing decorative rugs, Josh’s vision naturally expanded to selling wholesale, which he did successfully to some of the most important retailers in the world.  He established himself over the next six years as one of the premier volume holders of quality antique rugs.  Josh went on to apply his talents to developing his own designs and collections, which he began offering exclusively to the trade.

Josh opened two New York showrooms, most recently Rug & Kilim located in New York’s design district.   His unique selection of rare antique, vintage and contemporary rug designs continues to play a leading role in the global market through his efforts to raise standards to higher levels.

Rug & Kilim’s antique and vintage collections include an ever-expanding selection of sources and styles, beyond the most typically known Persian and Turkish knots.  Its Contemporary Collections of stunning designs, haute in tone and style, offer interior designers now what the rest of the industry has yet to discover. 

Rug & Kilim sees a strong future for the handmade rug industry, despite the challenge of cost increases.  Josh and the Rug & Kilim design team are committed to creating designs to irresistibly appeal and delight the design community and its clients.